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- Established 1978 -

Stock List

YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
2006Atlas Copco 606028509295507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605784097283507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 606019185595507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605784035374507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605716165070507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605905854589507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 606089904062700cfm @ 175psiXAHS336CD£POA
2005Atlas Copco 5053823611063880cfm @ 175psiXAHS416MD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 606020199774885cfm @ 175psiXAHS426CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605716118069600cfm @ 125psiXAMS286CD£POA
2005Atlas Copco 5053745110260820cfm @ 125psiXAMS376MD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 606030932437290cfm @ 100psiXAS136DD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605931203388290cfm @ 100psiXAS136DD£POA
2008Atlas Copco 80713995127570cfm @ 100psiXAS37KD£POA
2008Atlas Copco 80713988107770cfm @ 100psiXAS37KD£POA
2011Atlas Copco B0179600116470cfm @ 100psiXAS37KD£POA
2008Atlas Copco 80716437101270cfm @ 100psiXAS37KD£POA
2015Atlas Copco F0376168115090cfm @ 100psiXAS47KD£POA
2016Atlas Copco G0397048990cfm @ 100psiXAS48GKD£POA
2016Atlas Copco G0397047155120cfm @ 100psiXAS58KD£POA
2008Atlas Copco 807100081616130cfm @ 100psiXAS67DD£POA
2013Atlas Copco D0299469552130cfm @ 100psiXAS67DD£POA
2013Atlas Copco D0292038167130cfm @ 100psiXAS67DD£POA
2013Atlas Copco D0299477915130cfm @ 100psiXAS67DD£POA
2007Atlas Copco 706675464530190cfm @ 100psiXAS97DD£POA
2009Atlas Copco 907691342882190cfm @ 100psiXAS97DD£POA
2014Atlas Copco E0361031541190cfm @ 100psiXAS97DD£POA
2007Compair 7302912545130cfm @ 100psiC38£POA
2005Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 89239213227825cfm @ 175psi12/235£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 8935689337885cfm @ 175psi12/235£POA
2005Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 8923891437825cfm @ 175psi12/235£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 7028064161400cfm @ 200psi14/115£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 6585312745425cfm @ 100psi7/120£POA
2010Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 122693137270cfm @ 100psi7/20£POA
2009Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 3195912045105cfm @ 100psi7/31G£POA
2011Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 4308321104140cfm @ 100psi7/41£POA
2011Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 430741943140cfm @ 100psi7/41£POA
2011Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 4306521653140cfm @ 100psi7/41£POA
2012Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 4310531600140cfm @ 100psi7/41G£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 522213463260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5222332446260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5222303982260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5222162168260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5222322584260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2011Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5229663004260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5221042591260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2011Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5230181639260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Sullair 20811260001101341550cfm @ 75-150psiDE18 Oil Free£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
0EPS PB114C01 1/4" Chisels and points£POA
0EPS New Pneumatic Hose0300psi15MSH New Hose£POA
0EPS Hex 22mmx108mm rod0VARIOUS Integral drill rods£POA
0Maxidrill NEW Y20024kgsY20 Rock Drills£POA
0Various USED Breakers025KgUsed Breaker£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
0New Atlas Copco XAHS237MD0500cfm @ 174psiXAHS237MD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAHS317MD0657cfm @ 175psiXAHS317MD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAHS38KD080cfm @ 175psiXAHS38KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAMS287MD0621cfm @ 125psiXAMS287MD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAMS367MD0784cfm @ 125psiXAMS367MD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS27HP057cfm @ 100psiXAS27HP£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS38KD071cfm @ 100psiXAS38KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS48KD090cfm @ 100psiXAS48KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS58KD0120cfm @ 100psiXAS58KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS68KD0135cfm @ 100psiXAS68KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS77DD HH0153cfm @ 100psiXAS77DD HH£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS78KD0160cfm @ 100psiXAS78KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS88KD0175cfm @ 102psiXAS88KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAS97DD0190cfm @ 100psiXAS97DD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XATS138KD0250195cfm @ 100/150psiXATS138KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XATS186JD0400345cfm @ 100/150psiXATS186JD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XATS327MD0700cfm @ 150psiXATS327MD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XATS528SD0985cfm @ 100-175psiXATS528SD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XATS68KD0135cfm @ 150psiXATS68KD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAVS166DD0335cfm @ 204psiXAVS166DD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAVS186JD0400cfm @7/10/12/14XAVS186JD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAVS287MD0600cfm @ 200psiXAVS287MD£POA
0New Atlas Copco XAVS448SD0932cfm @ 100-203XAVS448SD£POA
0New Compair C10-12035cfm @ 175psiC10-12£POA
0New Compair C105-140371cfm @ 203psiC105-14£POA
0New Compair C110-90400cfm @ 125psiC110-9£POA
0New Compair C115-120406cfm @ 174psiC115-12£POA
0New Compair C12-10045cfm @ 145psiC12-10£POA
0New Compair C1250441cfm @ 100psiC125£POA
0New Compair C14049cfm @ 100psiC14£POA
0New Compair C140-90469cfm @ 125psiC140-9£POA
0New Compair C20070cfm @ 100psiC20£POA
0New Compair C200TS-140706cfm @ 203psiC200TS-14£POA
0New Compair C200TS-240706cfm @ 348psiC200TS-24£POA
0New Compair C20-14070cfm @ 200psiC20-14£POA
0New Compair C210TS-120742cfm @ 174psiC210TS-12£POA
0New Compair C210TS-210741cfm @ 305psiC210TS-21£POA
0New Compair C220TS-100776cfm @ 145psiC220TS-10£POA
0New Compair C230TS-170812cfm @ 247psiC230TS-17£POA
0New Compair C230TS-90812cfm @ 131psiC230TS-9£POA
0New Compair C240TS-140847cfm @ 203psiC240TS-14£POA
0New Compair C25088cfm @ 100psiC25£POA
0New Compair C250TS-120883cfm @ 174psiC250TS-12£POA
0New Compair C25-10088cfm @ 145psiC25-10£POA
0New Compair C260TS-100918cfm @ 145psiC260TS-10£POA
0New Compair C270TS-90954cfm @ 131psiC270TS-9£POA
0New Compair C300106cfm @ 100psiC30£POA
0New Compair C35-100124cfm @ 145psiC35-10£POA
0New Compair C380134cfm @ 100psiC38£POA
0New Compair C420148cfm @ 100psiC42£POA
0New Compair C500176cfm @ 100psiC50£POA
0New Compair C55-140194cfm @ 203psiC55-14£POA
0New Compair C60-120212cfm @ 174psiC60-12£POA
0New Compair C65-100230cfm @ 145psiC65-10£POA
0New Compair C65HS0203cfm @ 100psiC65HS£POA
0New Compair C760268cfm @ 100psiC76£POA
0New Compair C85-140300cfm @ 203psiC85-14£POA
0New Compair C95-120335cfm @ 174psiC95-12£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 10/1740600cfm @ 150psi10/174£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 12/1540540cfm @ 175psi12/154£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 12/2540883cfm @ 175psi12/254£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 14/1440494cfm @ 200psi14/144£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 14/900293cfm @ 200psi14/90£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 17/2440825cfm @ 250psi17/244£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 21/2240750cfm @ 300psi21/224£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 7/125-10/1100424374cfm @ 100-150psi 7/125-10/110£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 7/20070cfm @ 100psi7/20£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 7/2040706cfm @ 100psi7/204£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 7/26E090cfm @ 100psi7/26E£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 7/31E0105cfm @ 100psi7/31E£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 7/410140cfm @ 100psi7/41£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 7/530177cfm @ 100psi7/53£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 7/73-10/530247187cfm @ 100-175psi7/73-10/53£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 9/2740950cfm @ 125psi9/274£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) 9/30401060cfm @ 125psi9/304£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) HP1000 Zone II01000cfm @ 150psiHP1000 Zone II£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) XHP1170WCAT01170cfm @ 350psiXHP1170WCAT£POA
0New Doosan (Ingersoll Rand) XHP750WCAT0750cfm @ 300psiXHP750WCAT£POA
0New Kaeser M1000360cfm @ 100psiM100£POA
0New Kaeser M1140342cfm @ 100psiM114£POA
0New Kaeser M1150406cfm @ 100psiM115£POA
0New Kaeser M1220392cfm @ 100psiM122£POA
0New Kaeser M1230402cfm @ 125psiM123£POA
0New Kaeser M13042cfm @ 100psiM13£POA
0New Kaeser M1300425cfm @ 145psiM130£POA
0New Kaeser M1350460cfm @ 145cfmM135£POA
0New Kaeser M15049cfm @ 100psiM15£POA
0New Kaeser M17056cfm @ 100psiM17£POA
0New Kaeser M1700600cfm @ 125psiM170£POA
0New Kaeser M1710600cfm @ 125psiM171£POA
0New Kaeser M20070cfm @ 100psiM20£POA
0New Kaeser M2000750cfm @125psiM200£POA
0New Kaeser M2500928cfm @ 125psiM250£POA
0New Kaeser M310111cfm @ 100psiM31£POA
0New Kaeser M46E0162cfm @ 100psiM46E£POA
0New Kaeser M500176cfm @ 100psiM50£POA
0New Kaeser M520184cfm @100psiM52£POA
0New Kaeser M570198cfm @ 100psiM57£POA
0New Kaeser M580197cfm @ 100psiM58£POA
0New Kaeser M640226cfm @ 100psiM64£POA
0New Kaeser M810296cfm @ 100psiM80£POA
0New Kaeser M820296cfm @ 100psiM82£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
2001Benford Terex E110CC21717341200mm compaction widthTV1200D£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
2014JCB 531/7003 Ton load, 7 Metre reach531/70£POA
2014JCB 535/140014 metre reach, 3.5 Ton payload535/140£POA
2014JCB 540/170016.7 metres, 4 ton load540/170£POA
2008JCB J8128173330233 Ton load, 6.5 Metre reach930£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
2005Neuson Lifton AB91053F31799 Ton9001£POA
2007Thwaites Z703B080525936 Ton4 Ton£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
2008Atlas Copco 807366366105100KvaQAS100£POA
2011Atlas Copco B020050110604100KvaQAS100£POA
2016Cummins E1614105912110KvaNEW G2 C110D5£POA
2011F G Wilson B076963923200KvaXD200P2£POA
2011F G Wilson B047575127200KvaXD200P2£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
2006Abbi 2000 Litre Diesel Fuel bowser02000 Litres2000 Litre£POA
2011Abbi 110408270950 LitreC210A£POA
2018Dymac Global New ACT-2000L02000 LitresACT-2000L£POA
2018Dymac Global New ACV-3000L03000ACV-3000L£POA
2018Dymac Global New ACV-950L0950 LitresACV-950L£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
2007Towerlight Various - 10 units available in December 201704 x 1000WVT1£POA
2011Towerlight 110169323254 x 1000WVT1_MKII Eco£POA
YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
0New Caterpillar C13-4000400KvaC13-400£POA
0New Caterpillar C15-5000500KvaC15-500£POA
0New Caterpillar DE1100110KvaDE110£POA
0New Caterpillar DE1500150KvaDE150£POA
0New Caterpillar DE1650165KvaDE165£POA
0New Caterpillar DE22022KvaDE22£POA
0New Caterpillar DE2200220KvaDE220£POA
0New Caterpillar DE2500250KvaDE250£POA
0New Caterpillar DE2750275KvaDE275£POA
0New Caterpillar DE3000300KvaDE300£POA
0New Caterpillar DE33033KvaDE33£POA
0New Caterpillar DE50050KvaDE50£POA
0New Caterpillar DE65065KvaDE65£POA
0New Caterpillar DE88088KvaDE88£POA

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