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Generators (New)

Here is our list of New Generators - scroll down the list until you find the model of generator that interests you. Run the mouse over the thumbnail images to view a larger image. Click on the Model to view details - here you will be able to see the generator specification and if you click on "Make Purchase Enquiry" it will add the generator to our Contact Form automatically.

YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
0Caterpillar DE22022KvaDE22£POA
0Caterpillar DE33033KvaDE33£POA
0Caterpillar DE50050KvaDE50£POA
0Caterpillar DE65065KvaDE65£POA
0Caterpillar DE88088KvaDE88£POA
0Caterpillar DE1100110KvaDE110£POA
0Caterpillar DE1500150KvaDE150£POA
0Caterpillar DE1650165KvaDE165£POA
0Caterpillar DE2200220KvaDE220£POA
0Caterpillar DE2500250KvaDE250£POA
0Caterpillar DE2750275KvaDE275£POA
0Caterpillar DE3000300KvaDE300£POA
0Caterpillar C13-4000400KvaC13-400£POA
0Caterpillar C15-5000500KvaC15-500£POA

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